In Edmonton, Fire Extinguishers Are Available In Small Sizes For Homes

In Edmonton, fire extinguishers are available in different sizes, including smaller versions that you can stick around your home. While you can certainly have a large fire extinguisher in your home — there is nothing stopping that — there are storage space issues that go along with having a large fire extinguisher in a room. People generally do not like to install large wall brackets for the extinguisher, instead keeping it in a cabinet. If you want to have fire extinguishers in multiple rooms of your home but are concerned about being able to store them, you can find smaller versions that fit easily into cabinets.

In Edmonton, fire extinguishers that are smaller are, of course, going to have less suppressant material inside; keep this in mind when looking for an extinguisher. While some is better than none, you do want to have a reasonable amount available to you. The extinguishers will have grades on them that note what they are meant for — there are different types of possible fire fuels, and the supressant inside will be appropriate for some but not all in most cases. The grade lets you know if the extinguisher is appropriate for use in a kitchen where grease fires might be an issue.

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