For General Pest Control Ridgely, TN Has Some Good Technicians To Solve Problems

Before I moved in with my fiance’, I cleaned his house thoroughly because he had been having trouble with mice and ants inside the place. I could see that we were going to need a company to do some pest elimination and prevention on the property. For general pest control Ridgely, TN has some good options for companies that send technicians over to solve the problem. Neither Bob nor I wanted pesticides or other poisons set out around the property, worrying that somebody’s pet could get into the substances. I had to do a little research to find a general pest control Ridgely, TN company that provides more natural alternatives to eliminating unwanted rodents and bugs.

The technician talked with us about strategic locations for mousetraps, and the pros and cons of live traps versus traps that humanely kill the mice. We learned the importance of being vigilant in regard to tidiness. Bob had become lax about letting bags of garbage pile up in the garage before taking a load out to the dump and recycling center, for instance. That garbage is a big attraction for mice and ants. We also learned the importance of washing dishes as soon as we were done eating, rather than leaving dirty dishes and pans sitting in the sink and on the counter.

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