The Different Techniques Of Waste Disposal In Chicago

There are so many techniques that have been incorporated in Chicago so as to deal with the problem of waste management. All the techniques of waste disposal in Chicago are normally used in the disposal of different types of waste. For example, there are methods that have been set up to deal with solid waste management and there are also those techniques implemented to deal with liquid waste. In most cases, paper waste finds its way to landfills although a substantial number of people have taken to the recycling of this waste.

The blue carts in Chicago are mostly used in the collection of solid waste. Any resident of Chicago that would like to have a blue cart delivered to his home should contact the Chicago recycling services. Some of the materials that can be recycled in the blue cart include aluminum cans, paper waste, glass and steel. There are days that have been set aside purposely for picking up the blue cart. Ordinarily, the recyclables in Chicago are picked up at least every two weeks.

The Chicago blue carts are mostly implemented when the trash to be recycled is not in bulk. Drop off locations and pick ups are incorporated when the solid waste in question is bulky. The techniques of waste disposal in Chicago have seen Chicago being one of the cleanest cities across the world.

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