Visiting Auto Recyclers

Many auto recycling facilities allow the general public to enter and take a look around. Auto recyclers pick up used cars that are critically disabled or in a sad state of disrepair. These vehicles are kept in a storage lot for a short period of time before they are crushed. Auto recyclers often charge a small fee for admission. People can come to the auto recycling yard to retrieve parts for their vehicle. Parts are usually taken off by the customer, though some yards will pull parts for a fee. All parts must be purchased at the front desk before leaving the recycling yard.

People visiting the auto recycling yard should be careful when walking around the vehicles and pulling parts. Vehicles are either stacked on each other or rims turned on the side. Vehicles are kept inside the yard for several weeks before the auto recyclers crush the vehicles. The vehicles are crushed to make more room in the yard. All raw materials are piled up and shipped out to industries that can use them. People may also be able to sell their broken vehicle to the auto recyclers. Most vehicles are purchased by the pound at the auto recyclers.

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