Calling For Help With Junk Removal Calgary

It is always fun to hear that you have inherited things from a long lost uncle, but when I saw the condition of the house that I had inherited, I was a little disturbed. There were a ton of old cars on the lot, and apparently he was a hoarder because there was so much stuff inside the house that I could barely open the front door. After looking at the house, I decided that I wanted to demolish the place and build a new house on the property, but first I had to get everything out of the house and off of the lawn. I turned to junk removal Calgary for help with the situation, and they came right out to see what they could do to help me.

They explained that they charged for services on an hourly rate, and that they thought it would take about two days to do all of the junk removal Calgary. I thought that their pricing sounded reasonable, and so I hired them to help me out. I was absolutely amazed with the amount of stuff that they were able to haul away, and how much nicer the place started looking quickly.

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