Bottle Return In Maple Ridge

I currently live in a neighborhood in maple ridge have always been interested in getting involved with environment protection. Sometimes I have thought that I can’t really make that big of a difference, but then I realized if I was doing what I could to limit waste, then I could consider that contributing. I decided to make it a family event and get my two kids involved. My kids are 10 and 6 respectfully, so I also wanted to make sure that I could make the process a bit more fun. My friend told me that she chooses to bottle return and finds that to be fairly easy, and still a good learning experience.

I quickly used Google to determine places that I could go to in maple ridge to bottle return and found out what they would accept. Once I had that information in hand, I made a list with my kids of things that we would store for our ventures, instead of throwing away. The incentive I provided my kids with was that they would make money collecting the bottles that they would be able to keep and split between themselves. All in all it has been a really great experience. Maple Ridge’s bottle return is pretty generous with their bottle return, and we were pretty glad about that.

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