Mounir T-Shirts Are Just A Start

It is rather unfortunate that we here in America have the tendency to limit our musical choices to strictly American artists. Most Americans would prefer to listen to a relatively untalented American artist, than to listen to a highly talented artist that happens to be from another part of the world. This is partly due to a lack of exposure in the most popular conduits of media, but is ultimately due to subconscious ethnocentrism. Take, for example, the phrase “The King”. To any American, the first musician to come to mind would be Elvis Presley, but anywhere else in the world, people will quickly correct this archaic moniker. Mohamed Mounir is the King! Personally, to attempt to garner a small bit of exposure for the Egyptian artist, I often wear Mounir t-shirts to pique the curiosity of anyone I encounter. In this case, it makes little sense to exclude such a talented musician. Mohamed Mounir is an internationally renown and eminently talented artist who is even concerned with the welfare of America. He created an entire album proclaiming a yearning for global peace in response to the World Trade Center attacks. While I’d like to see the King more in American culture, Mounir t-shirts are a just a start for me to showcase this artist to my friends.


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