Non-Toxic Pest Control In Portland OR For Termites

Portland, Oregon is known for its clean air, clean water, and population of people who love to buy local and organic food for its health benefits. A large population of environmentalists and green-going Portlanders might be very interested in non-toxic options for pest control in Portland OR. There are several things you can do to prevent termites from destroying your home without harming your family or environment with toxic pesticides. You can use sand for one thing. If you lay sand up along the foundation of your home you can prevent termites from entering your home because they cannot dig through sand. It will need to be a specific type of sand but an expert on pest control in Portland OR can help you find what you are looking for. You can also treat termites that are already in your home with salt water or bleach. All you need to do is inject the mixture of salt and water or the bleach into the galleys where the termites are feeding and you can kill them off before they can do more damage. The salt water will dry the termites up faster than Portland can get wet. Talk to an expert in pest control in your area to find out more ways you can treat termites in a non-toxic fashion.


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