Hardscapes Of Cedar Rapids IA Are Dramatic

Even though I love lush gardens, I didn’t want one for myself. My husband and I wanted to have a low maintenance yard, but we wanted it to be beautiful as well. We selected hardscapes from Cedar Rapids IA. The designer came to our home to see what we wanted to do, and to give us an estimate of the job. Even though we had a general idea of what we wanted our back yard to look like, he definitely fine tuned our plan, and now our hardscapes from Cedar Rapids IA are in place, and they look gorgeous!

I explained to the designer that I didn’t want a cold, colorless back yard. He drew a sketch of what his suggestion was, and my husband and I were excited to give him the go ahead to get started. I knew the end result would be beautiful and dramatic.

We selected gorgeous sandy colored brick for the entire area, and the workers left just about an inch of space between each brick. A delicate ground cover now grows between each brick, and it’s a very effective treatment. There is a Mexican bird bath with potted flowering plants next to it, and there are half pots on the walls. The pots contain cascading flowers as well. When I sit in our back yard, it’s fun to see the birds, and it’s amazing to feel like we have greenery all around us, even though bricks are the basis of our yard.

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