We Had These Air Filters In Toronto Installed To Help With Our Daughter’s Asthma

When our daughter was around the age of five we noticed that she was having a lot of difficulty breathing. A visit to our doctor confirmed that she had asthma. We found that we could control most of her symptoms with the use of medication and an inhaler. However, we wanted to make sure that our daughter was as comfortable as possible when she was at home. In order to do this, we had air filters in Toronto installed in our home.

These air filters can be fitted to the blower on our furnace, air conditioner, and the vents leading to our basement. These filters are able to get the mildew, pollen, and mold spores out of the air. This is important because these things are what exacerbates our daughters asthma the most. These filters are also able to get out the small particulates that are cause by urban pollution, and are able to make their way deep into our daughter’s lungs. Because of these air filters in Toronto our daughter has less asthma attacks, overall better breathing, and is able to sleep much better at night. It also give us, her parents, the peace of mind know that our daughter is as best taken care of as possible.

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