Cardboard Recycling In Schaumburg

When dealing with cardboard recycling in Schaumburg, it is important to know what is and what is not recyclable. There are two main types of cardboard. Corrugated is used to create brown packing boxes. Paperboard is a single layer of cardboard and is used to create packaging such as cereal boxes and shoeboxes. Seventy-seven percent of all cardboard is recyclable through Schaumburg cardboard recycling, as long as it has been flattened before it is collected. Paperboard is often found in recycling centers. However, it is not always recycled. Packaging often has grease added to it to help it last longer and to give it more strength, which makes the box no longer recyclable. Also, if the cardboard is wet then most companies will not accept it, so be sure to place the cardboard in a plastic bag to prevent any water from destroying the cardboard. For those products that are unable to be recycled through a center, they can often be used in your home. Cardboard can be added to your compost pile or can be used to line your gardens to help with weed control. Many experts say that for every ton of cardboard recycled, nine cubic yards of landfill space is saved. By recycling cardboard, we are saving 25% of the energy used to produce new cardboard that is not needed.

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