Importance Of Medford OR Well Water Testing

If your water supply is from a private well then it is necessary that you understand your responsibility in keeping it clean and safe to drink. There are certain conditions surrounding your well that could pose potential risks to how clean it is. If your well is more than twenty years old, your well was dug or driven, the well is shallow, the soil on your property is sandy, a chemical spill has happened in recent months, or if your well is near a landfill or feed lot you are at an increased risk of contamination. In Medford OR well water testing professionals will know how to best test your water and what to look for in the results to improve the quality of your water.

Medford OR well water testing will raise a red flag warning for fecal coliforms, nitrates, metals, lead and copper and other contaminants. If the well water testing results show that there is a contamination problem you will have a selection of water treatment options available to you. Not everyone will show signs and symptoms from drinking contaminated water, so, it is necessary to have your well water tested regularly to prevent anyone in your household from getting sick.

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