Encourage Play With Grass From A Sod Farm In Minot ND

Moving into a new house is usually a very joyous event. Adults and children alike may feel twinges of sentiment for their old home, but typically the new place has some perks such as bigger rooms or new friends that are particularly appealing. For many people grass from a sod farm in Minot ND is a definite benefit of their new home.

Often when people move into a new place, the landscaping is unfinished. The lot may be prepped and ready, but no grass is growing yet. Rather than endure hours of backbreaking work laying seed, carefully watering, reseeding areas that experienced erosion, and then trying to keep people off as the tender shoots emerge, many people choose to order grass from a sod farm in Minot ND.

Sod farms provide excellent quality grass that can literally be laid within a matter of hours. The sod is carefully grown, watered, and mowed to keep it looking uniform. Then it is cut into strips that are five to nine feet long. These strips are rolled and trucked to the home, where they are laid across the yard. Initially more watering is necessary in order for them to take root, but within a few days there is a strong healthy green looking yard that encourages immediate play.

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