Using A Solar Water Well

There are a lot of reasons why people install wells on their property. Most that I’ve seen or heard about have always been out on more rural properties where they either have limited utility access or use them for farming and agriculture. I live in the city, though, where you just don’t see too many wells. A few years back, however, I decided to sink a well in my backyard. Being in the city, it’s a relatively small yard, but these days wells don’t to take up that much room, so it’s largely unobtrusive; nothing more than a pump sunk into the ground where it can reach the water table, with a small pump hooked up to it to draw the water out. Even a small well like this supplies enough water for my family of four without having to rely on the city utilities for a drop.

I decided to take it one step further though. Since the pump requires electricity, rather than run a power supply out to the well, I decided to take it completely off the grid and make it a solar water well. This is actually much simpler than it sounds. If you’ve ever seen those solar panels that many cities use to power traffic signs on the side of the road, it’s not much different. I simply placed a pole next to the well, attached the solar panel to the top, then ran the power supply to the pump, and voila! Free power and free water courtesy of my solar water well!

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