Why You Should Get BPA Free Water Bottles In Seattle

Our health is very important. We live in a day and age of medical and scientific establishment. We are commonly told what we should and shouldn’t do to stay away from harmful chemicals and diseases. We are told to get immunizations to avoid most major diseases and to consume a lot of antioxidants to reduce the likelihood of getting cancer from all of the processed foods and chemicals that we are exposed to. One of those chemicals that many of us have been exposed to is BPA. BPA is short for Bisphenol A. Bisphenol A is a polycarbonate molecule that is used to make many of the plastics that we have today. Recently scientists have discovered that exposure to BPA over an extended period of time can cause hormone disruptions.

Very common Items that we use may contain BPA. Items like water bottles, baby bottles, and food containers can have it. It is recommended that you purchase BPA free water bottles in Seattle. Plastic water bottles are commonly used by athletes who spend their time out in the sun. The heat can increase the amount of BPA that you are exposed to. Many scientists are recommending that athletes purchase BPA free water bottles in Seattle.


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