Why I Chose Professional Tree Removal In Woodinville

My uncle told me once: “If you gave me an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend 45 minutes sharpening my axe.” I never understood this statement until I had to remove some old Aspens from my back yard. Doing my own tree removal in Woodinville was too much. I had used my old chain saw to remove smaller trees in the past, but these trees weren’t going to have it. I powered up my chainsaw, which had handled some birches just fine, and the thing just wasn’t cutting it (pun intended) when it came to the aspens. Im not sure if it was the thickness of the trees themselves, the hardness of the wood, or the sharpness of my chainsaw, but it couldn’t cut through the trunk. It handled the branches just fine, but I wasn’t interested in having a bunch of overgrown toothpicks standing up in my back yard. I needed them down. So I pulled out my old axe. It wasn’t very sharp, and it took almost a full hour of chopping before the first Aspen was felled. Now, I understand, if I had sharpened my axe or my chainsaw I might have been able to handle the job myself, but after experiencing the professional tree removal Woodinville has to offer, I wouldn’t have bothered. They had felled, chopped, and removed all 5 of the trees from my back yard in just a few hours time. And the project didn’t make my back hurt in the least.

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