How Wildlife Conservation In Tonasket, WA Has Benefited The Local Communities

With most of the wildlife and natural resources in the world nearing depletion due to increased human activity, communities have become aware of the importance of wildlife conservation. Wildlife conservation seeks to preserve the environment by reducing pollution, preventing encroachment into gazette forest land or other restricted resources and prevention of hunting of rare wildlife such as elephants. Wildlife conservation in Tonasket, WA mainly focuses on land and forestry preservation. This has greatly benefited the communities in many ways.

Wildlife conservation has benefited the environment in preserving its natural beauty. Forest conservation especially, has preserved the many varieties of trees by preventing illegal logging. This prevents the extinction of trees. The community can benefit from the clean fresh air and clean water from the forests. This also preserves the natural habitat of wildlife thus enhancing their existence.

Communities benefit indirectly from wildlife conservation because it promotes tourism. Many tourists both local and international flock the area to view wildlife in their natural habitat and also for research purposes. This generates income for the local communities and also enables expansion of local businesses thus encouraging development in the area.

Wildlife conservation in Tonasket, WA has also benefited the communities through provision of employment opportunities for the locals. Many young people have been employed in conservation efforts. They act as game rangers, zoo keepers and tour guides, therefore creating income generating activities for Tonasket, WA residents.

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