A Central California Hood Cleaner Will Keep Your Kitchen Exhaust Clean, Safe, And Following Codes

Having a clean kitchen exhaust system is not only a good idea because of cleanliness. The grease that builds up inside the system can become a really big fire risk, and in commercial establishments there are actually many areas with specific laws about how often your exhaust system needs to be cleaned. There is also the fact that insurance adjustors have safety standards as well, and your policy could be affected if you don’t comply with these fire code regulations. Hiring a professional Central California hood cleaner is a must to be certain your system is in compliance.

A hood cleaner will begin the process by first scraping the whole exhaust system clean, removing all of that excess built up grease and food debris. Then the system is cleaned more thoroughly by being sprayed with hot water at high pressure and food safe chemicals that break down grease, known as caustic chemicals. After the chemical sit for a short time to break down the grease, the system is rinsed and will be ready to go again. It is important to check your local laws and codes to see how often this needs to be done. For cleanliness and fire safety, trust a professional Central California hood cleaner to do the job.

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