Asbestos Abatement In Oahu HI Helps Prevent Health Problems

Asbestos is a naturally occurring substance that was once used in construction as a fireproofing material. It is present in most public buildings built before the 1970s. Because it was so widely used, asbestos abatement of Oahu HI buildings should always be done before performing a major renovation or repair.

Before people understood the harmful effect that asbestos has on the lungs, it was common for workers to handle it without any respiratory protection. We now know that exposure to it causes Asbestosis, which can lead to lung cancer. It is often found around pipes and ductwork in older buildings as well as flooring and drywall. While asbestos does not cause harm in this form, it is harmful when it becomes friable, or airborne, and the particles are inhaled. Disturbing this substance via construction activities like tearing out walls and replacing pipes, releases asbestos into the air. For this reason, asbestos needs to be removed before a building can be torn down. Buildings also need to be inspected and tested frequently to make sure it is not disturbed through cracks in walls and floor tiles.

Although asbestos dust can cause health problems, there are many ways to reduce the risks for those who work in these buildings doing asbestos abatement in Oahu HI. One way is to keep the asbestos from becoming friable by wetting it throughout the removal process. Another is to seal off windows and doors to keep the dust from getting into the environment. Of course, asbestos abatement workers and testers should always wear protective gear. When it is discovered, it is removed or sealed in order to protect the health of the building’s inhabitants and visitors.


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