Camp Verde AZ Landscape Design Experts Offers Suggestions

When my friend and her husband moved to Arizona, they couldn’t decide if they wanted to rent a home or buy one. My friend’s husband works long hours and would not have the time nor the energy to devote to home maintenance and landscaping if they decided to buy a home of their own. After looking for houses to rent, the couple quickly became discouraged because they couldn’t find anything that suited their needs. They then decided that it was time to look into home ownership. After only a couple days, they found a cute ranch-style home which was located close to the husband’s job. Although they loved the house, the landscaping needed to be spruced up. To learn more about their options, the couple contacted a Camp Verde AZ landscape design architect and made an appointment for him to evaluate their property.

The Camp Verde AZ landscape design professional suggested that the couple plant some hedges around the property as well as plant some annual flowers. In addition, the landscape professional suggested that the couple either consider the placement of either cedar mulch or landscaping rocks around one of the trees located on the parkway. Although mulch was more commonly seen in their neighborhood, my friend liked the look of the white landscaping stones. The outside of the home looks beautiful since the landscaping work was done, and the home now has a great deal of “curb appeal.”

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