Proper Industrial Hygiene In Tempe Az

Industrial Hygiene in Tempe AZ is a division of OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Industrial hygiene is the process of detecting and evaluating environmental risks that could be present in the workplace.

Industrial Hygiene in Tempe AZ will typically consist of a site visit and evaluation. The industrial hygienist will be able to identify health and safety risks, if any, in the workplace. They will conduct tests and collect samples to determine exposure levels for various chemical like lead and asbestos, common workplace environment health risks. If the hygienist does find any health and safety risks in the workplace, they will develop and recommend a plan to ensure that the risks and hazards are prevented in the future.

An industrial hygienist will also look at some of your employer’s paperwork. Important documents, like the MSDS, (Material Safety Data Sheets) contain important information about the chemicals and materials used onsite. The MSDS will contain any relevant information if there is ever a question about shelf life, exposure to the material, or ingredients used in various sprays, liquids, and other products around the workplace. A proper MSDS will need to be evaluated and approved by your industrial hygienist to ensure that your workplace is a safe as possible.

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