CNG Home Fueling Station For Sale Will Let You Fuel Up Without Ever Going To The Gas Station

There are many benefits to driving a CNG car, otherwise known as a compressed natural gas car. CNG vehicles burn natural gas, the same thing that many people use to heat their homes, rather than gasoline. Natural gas is still a fossil fuel, but it burns at least 20 percent cleaner than gasoline, cutting carbon emissions, carbon monoxide emissions and dangerous nitrogen oxide emissions. The United States has vast reserves of natural gas, so we do not have to depend on foreign sources. In addition, natural gas is usually about 30 percent cheaper than regular gasoline and CNG cars are often less expensive to maintain.

So what’s stopping everyone from switching to cheap, environmentally-friendly CNG vehicles? The main drawback is the lack of fueling stations. Fortunately, there is now a CNG home fueling station for sale. A home fueling station allows you to fuel your CNG car in your garage at your own convenience. Often they are designed to work on their own, without supervision. The station hooks up to your home’s existing gas line and you’re charged for the gas with your utilities bill. Some places offer a federal tax credit to defray the costs of the pump. So if you want to drive your CNG car without ever having to search for an elusive natural gas fueling station, look for a CNG home fueling station for sale in your area today.

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