We Needed Our Phoenix AZ Pest Control Service

We own an assisted living home for elderly people in Phoenix AZ. One thing we really need to be careful of is the type of bugs that are around our home. Our home is in an orange grove, so we get a lot of spiders and scorpions. They are bark scorpions, which are the more dangerous of scorpions. They can kill an elderly person very quickly if they are stung. The dangerous thing with scorpions is they can crawl up walls and be on the ceiling. This is a risk for them to fall on someone in their bed. We just cannot have this happening. We have a Phoenix AZ pest control company that comes every month and sprays our house. We have been lucky to only need them to spray outside. We get an occasional bug every once and a while, but we have been fortunate to not have anyone stung or bit by anything serious. We are grateful for our Phoenix AZ pest control services, for they have been very helpful in keeping our home protected and bug free. We want our elderly residents to be protected and safe here. We love our work, our home and our opportunity to serve.

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