About A Bottle Depot In Edmonton

A bottle depot in Edmonton is a glass or plastic bottle-recycling center that collects and cleans and redistributes bottles, or melts them into their basic materials and resells that material to manufacturing centers. These centers can remake that material into a new bottle or other product that requires the same material.

Glass bottle recycling has existed for a long time. Typically the manufacturer will offer some refund for the safe return of intact glass bottles that they employ. A glass bottle is a solid structure that if undamaged will be simple to clean, recycle, and redistribute. In its simplest form glass bottle recycling only involves this type of clean and reuse recycling.

However glass bottles come in a variety of shapes, and the shape of the bottle can often be linked to its brand. When a bottle made from the exact same glass material that comes in a different bottle shape is considered, it will be rejected as clean and redistribute option because it’s shape will not fit it’s brand and it may not be compatible with the industrial machinery the business uses.

A bottle depot in Edmonton will often collect and sort glasses and plastics by the materials they are made from in order to take identical materials and melt them into ingots that a glass or plastic manufacturer can then re-forge.

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