Do You Need Information About Fire Suppression Systems In Salem OR?

Fire suppression systems in Salem OR are essential to protecting the health and lives of everyone in the vicinity. Of particular importance are businesses that regularly contain large groups of people. The risks of a fire, in a crowded venue as well as the resulting panic have claimed many lives over the years. Therefore, it is very important to not only have effective and appropriate fire suppression systems in Salem OR, but to also have a safety plan and adequate training by staff members. That means that if fires occur, there is an improved chance of everyone surviving unscathed.

Most people think of fire extinguishers and water for suppressing fires. However, fire extinguishers are available in different sizes and require evaluation once a year to be sure they’re functioning properly. In addition, there are different types of fire extinguishers and some should only be used for certain types of fires. Homes, commercial settings and industrial facilities are likely to have different fire suppression system needs. Electrical or gas fires should never be extinguished with water and in fact could grow rapidly if they touch water.

Carbon dioxide systems work by removing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. Given that fire needs oxygen to grow, the fire burns out. Inert gas, clean agent gas and halon-based fire suppression systems work in a similar way, but use the named item to quell the fire. Regardless, the use of safety items, including goggles, clothing, gloves, etc. is vital to protecting yourself from the fire.


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