Description: Bio Petro Clean

Bio petro clean is an abbreviated term that refers to hydrocarbon fuels that serve as alternatives to fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are fractions divided from crude oil cracking. Crude oil is an ancient after-product of a time in earth’s history when plant and other biological products died and accumulated on the sea floor. At that period in earths history there was not enough oxygen in the atmosphere to permeate the depths of the ocean. As a result oxygen was not available to participate in the decomposition of the organic materials that accumulated there. Coal and crude oil are artifacts of this biomass accumulation, which cannot be naturally replicated in modern earths environment.

Since no new crude oil is naturally produced and the demand of fossil fuels continues to increase in modernized society, the need for processes to replicate the chemistry of hydrocarbon fuels has become intense. The development of various artificial fuel supplement sources is an ongoing process generally termed under the “bio petro clean” term.

Organic process that produce hydrocarbon chains are harnessed to replicate the necessary fossil fuel molecules such as octane. Fats and lipids, such as those found in cooking and vegetable oils can be modified to produce hydrocarbons. Certain algae or bacteria can be modifies to produce small hydrocarbons. Making these processes economical is the long-term goal of biofuel research.

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